Meet Sikka

Crypto’s Own Baby

Decentralized <> Untraceable <> Unlinkable – Digital Coin


Sikka is decentralized, not giving controlling power to limited people


Sikka transaction are untraceable, giving user ultimate privacy.


Unlinkable transactions brings added security with it.


Fast and low fee transactions will save money and time both

For Every Human

Sikka is a decentralized digital currency which is created with a sole purpose to supporting humanity in a larger context which will evolve as it grows!

New Age Technology

Sikka brings cutting edge open source blockchain technology to Businesses Worldwide.

Since the beginning Sikka will focus on bringing tools to integrated blockchain in existing business systems. Along with a new approach and thought process to rethink innovative models to do business in this new age of blockchain.

Sikka is You

Without developers Sikka is just a word.

Developers will have a strong say always in defining shape and direction of Sikka as a project. Sikka Core Team will collaborate with best possible Devs to bring modern tools and ecosystem in place for Developer Community.

Sikka Details

  • Algorithm: Cryptonote
  • Total Supply: 1 Billion
  • Blocktime: 2 Minutes
  • Premine: 4% for Airdrop+Bounty+Coin Growth Fund
  • Windows Wallet- Download     ,    GUI: Bounty Open
  • Linux Wallet       – Download     ,    GUI: Bounty Open
  • Mac Wallet          – Download     ,    GUI: Bounty Open
  • Code on Github

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